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 XPS 12 (L221x)
XPS 12 (L221x)
XPS 12 (L221x)
Overall RatingĀ 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Customer avatarReviewed by:
Duration of Product Use:Less than a month
Level of Expertise:Expert
Title: Dell and Windows 8....a great start
PostedDecember 30, 2012
Yes, I would recommend this product
I purchased the XPS 12 to replace another Ultrabook. (one from the "fruit" party, as it was too small for the eyes any longer. 11")
I have no regrets. In fact, this is the most solid laptop I have ever owned. I was already used to Windows 8 since I use it for home office and programming so the learning curve was minimal. But using windows 8 on this machine really paints the true picture.
Windows 8 is off to a slow start but running on a machine like this is where it gains ground. I have a few different tablets but was looking to carry one device when I travel. This device fits the bill for both needs.
I also use the XPS for hosting my virtual work machine and it is fast either via USB 3.0/sata drive or on the actual XPS drive. I purchased the high end machine but with only 128 gb drive. Most of my work/play stuff is in the cloud anyway so drive space will not be an issue.
The touch pad needed new drivers to work better but that is ok. I am using a MS Wedge mouse with the unit and it works very well.
I have had the unit since about 12/19 or so and have only just started to use the actual tablet portion of the system as I have been too glued to the rest of the machine. :-) I find the touchscreen on it's own awesome to work on when watching TV etc. It is probably too big to use for long periods but working on it while sitting is perfect. The screen is absolutely the best and clarity is perfect. In fact I ended up dropping the screen resolution down a peg to suit my needs better and there was no loss in clarity. The flip screen will also be nice for meetings etc.
I also spent some time getting used to the BIOS. Many of the settings and partition types were new to me as it has been a while since I have rebuilt a machine. It was easy to get up to speed though and Dell has maintained the settings to get to things like all of their other systems.
Awesome architecture
Appearance is impressive
The thin form factor is good considering all that this machine offers.
Keyboard is the best
Backlighting is a bonus
windows 8 touch screen is awesome
Flip screen is convenient and cool as well!
The screen is the best and brightness is great for movies etc.
Sound is decent for a Ultrabook.
Could use longer battery life but no big deal
Touchpad drivers need some work. I have the latest of all drivers which helps but it could still use some tuning. I could not get the touch pad software to maintain the pointer speed after a reboot although the rest of the touchpad software work great. I ended up setting the pointer speed in the actual MS Mouse setting in control panel and that solved the issue and the touchpad software kept it's settings after a reboot.
Bottom Line:
This machine rocks !
I used to build my own hardware but took to buying Dells a few years ago and have had nothing but excellent results. We own 4 Dell's currently and this one kicks it up a notch
Nice job on this Dell.
Pros:work programming.virtual devices, web moviesmusic, emaildocuments
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